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My name is Dean Smith and I am a professional user experience developer and long term academic. I have contributed to literature in the field of Serious Games with frameworks that bridge game mechanics and learning mechanics intrinsically through UX design and psychological flow. I have also produced one of the worlds only procedural planet generators for mobile devices using Unity. I understand the drive and worklow required to keep my work optimal, surpass what is expected of me, and ensure my personal goals are seen through. I thrive in 3D interaction for emotional experience. As an academic, I am able to make practical use of theoretical concepts that I can deliver to a first class level. My work is personal to me, and my delivery will exceed your expectations.
Dean Smith BSc MSc
April 5, 1984
Midlands, UK
I am a working professional with VR near Birmingham, where I develop using the Unity engine under an Atlassian workflow. I have sudied an MSc in Human Computer Interaction at the ancient University of St Andrews in Scotland, UK. I have also achieved a first class honours for a BSc in Interactive Systems and Video Games Design at the University of Bradford, UK.
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Game Design
With over 10 years professional experience in game design theory and application.
Game Development
A comprehensive understanding of the development pipeline. This includes all roles including artistic, technical, audio, design, production.
End User
With the consumer in mind, I believe I have developed from my roots as an avid gamer to fully understanding the player at the inate level.


Unity Programmer
2017 - 2018Intouch Games, Birmingham
Engine logic, mechanics, and animation within the Unity game engine.
Technical Demonstrator
Aiding students in the understanding of scripted animation in Autodesk Maya using MEL Script.
Bar Tender
2003-2005Yates' Wine Lodge
Working on a team managed bar serving customers, Usually involving weekend nights during busy hours. Swift communication was vital between staff during this time.
Master of Science
This intensive course specializes in both practical and theoretical concepts of Human Computer Interaction. The modules taught have been developed by world leading expert researchers in the field of HCI, who regularly publish in leading international conferences such as CHI, UIST, IUI, MobileHCI, ITS. As a result, by completing this MSc I will be at the forefront of HCI.
ClassificationFirst Class Honours
Following a more technical path into design for video games, this course focuses on the core fundamentals of video game architecture alongside a strong theme in end user design. In addition to firm studies in video game conventions and analysis, the course provides practical skills through programming, the use of scripting tools and technical animation, and optional modules such as Artificial Intelligence and Machination design patterns.
Grade AchievedDDD - Triple Distinction
A study into the structure of the computer games industry, practices of video game design and development and an opportunity to develop and create 3D models, websites and animations. Modules include computer game design, pre-production techniques, research techniques, 3D environments, web authoring, 3D modelling, digital graphics, concept art, computer game engines, computer game story development, 3D animation, flash for games and human computer interfaces.
Grade AchievedPass
An in depth course into the theoretical and practical application of computing technology. Course content ranges from computer architecture and functionality to the OSI 7 layer network model, network topology and signal transmission.
The Peter Molyneux Award • University of Bradford: School of Media, Design & Technology
Achieved a plaque for creative excellence within a videogame design project.
Top Student Prize • University of Bradford: School of Media, Design & Technology
Achieved a plaque in recognition of highest achievement for my year group during my second year.
Skillset Tick Talent Showcase Certificate • University of Bradford: School of Media, Design & Technology
Achieved a certificate for representing the University of Bradford for exemplary student work in London, as part of a National Skillset event.
Creative Achievement for the BAHSS Logo Design • BAHSS
Designed and developed the main logo of the Biomedical & Health Care Science Society at the University of Bradford.
Burton College Animator of the Year • Burton & South Derbyshire College
Received an award for exceeding the development criteria substantially in the creation of my first 3D animation.
Adobe Creation Suite
Autodesk Suite
Newtek LightWave
Flat Red Ball
UX & Usability
Information Visualisation
Game Architecture
Experienced in Discrete & Continuous Mechanic Development
In depth understanding of Emergent & Progressive styles
Curriculum Vitae
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Soon to be updated once contract allows. The following is a showcase of my work following an MSc in Human Computer Interaction at the University of St Andrews and a BSc (Hons) in Interactive Systems & Video Games Design at the University of Bradford.


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